Murguma - Purulia

Murguma a beautiful place in purulia. Its a huge waterbody surrounded by hills. This water body is nothing but a man made dam. This is a very newly developed place.
How To Reach :
You can reach Murguma ( Muruguma ) from Purulia station. You can choose different trains from howrah. But the best option could be a Friday night train so that you reach Purulia in the Saturday morning.
Its around 47 KM from the station to the resort.So you have to book a car for reaching your resort.
The Resort :
This is eco tourism resort situated just beside the lake. Beautifully maintained lawn just slides down to the water at one side and other sides are surrounded by tents. Tents are big with 2 rooms with 2 beds each, a living area and a attached toilet.
The package contains staying and food which starts from bed tea , breakfast, lunch , snacks and dinner. The food is really good here.

What to do :
Just do nothing but sit and relax. You can have a bath in the lake but please make sure you know how to swim because this is really a deep one. I would really suggest a full moon night. Just sit and see a big moon coming out in the evening. I can bet you cant forget this experience in your life.Next day you can go for a trek through jungle to a Santhal village. May be going for walk to a hill top. Sit and see the hills surrounded greens.

The return :
You again have to book a car for return. There are very old temple structure at Deulghata around 20 km from Murguma. You can touchbase and then return to Purulia station.


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  2. Nice Location but how about the Maoist trouble in that area?

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  4. pleased to read your article.Is transportation available from Purulia to Marguma? Is the resort to be booked beforehand?Please furnish some details in this context.

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